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American punk dream

Junker Desings is Tod Waters. Artistic nonconformist and fashion rebel.

An American with a punk soul who grew up in Texas and went beyond all limits of expression. Breaking fashion conventions and setting a new standard. Tod cut and collaged clothing bits and made something new. This new style would find success very soon.

This success caught up with him in the city of angels in 2001. Faithful to his ideas, Tod experimented with techniques, aiming at aging materials and creating original patterns. Lenny Kravitz spotted his upcycled, dyed and distressed Cobra Vest and a machine called Junker Designs started to spin.

The inimitable style of Junker Designs was ultimately shaped by the streets of Los Angeles and a Texas sweaty up bringing. It is a strong and specific style – Unique because it is unconventional. It’s a mix of punk, rock, post-apocalypic and vintage. .It’s a strong style that allows you to fully enjoy being yourself – that’s why you wear it .


The spirit of Texas and Los Angeles in the streets of Europe.

Junker Designs Polska

Let’s rock!

MokoDesigns is the only store in Poland and the first in Europe where you can buy original Junker Designs. We have the full backing of the rebellious designer to take a chance, and that’s what we do. We say it out loud , Junker clothes are bold , artistic and handmade one of a kind pieces of art.

Junker Designs presents Unique limited collections for those who value individualism and freedom of self-expression. For those who like to combine what is timeless with what is avant-garde , ambiguous, and sometimes controversial. Made from Leather , Denim and whatever he can get his hands on .

Clothing by Junker Designs is primarily for those who require the highest quality – appreciate the uniqueness, craftsmanship and handcrafted art of modern tailoring.

We checked Junker clothing for Poland

If you want to feel the spirit of Junker and get to know the vision in person, please visit our stationary store at Mokotowska 48 in Warsaw. This is the only Junker clothing store in Poland !

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Junker designs polska